Why use our scrapping and transportation services?

We offer competitive prices and dispose of scrap cars in an environmentally friendly way. You will not be held liable by the DVLA from the moment ownership has been transferred to us. We will transport the vehicle to our licensed premises and will help you to avoid problems with VOSA and the Police. They can stop you for driving a non insured, non MOT’d, non taxed, and non roadworthy car. You risk being fined, and you can even face legal charges. You can avoid all this by calling us. We will collect your vehicle from your home.
We will give you a quote prior to the purchase and will pay you on the date of collection. Some companies reduce the price offered once they arrive. We will never do this.

Do you need my keys?

Our drivers will be able to enter your vehicle without keys.

Should I present the log book?

We will ask for proof of identity if you don’t have the log book with you. You can present your passport or driver’s license.

Some parts have been removed from my vehicle, is this a problem?

It isn’t a problem, but we will ask you to give us more details so that we can offer a quote.

I haven’t used the car for a while, and it doesn’t want to start, does it matter?

No, we can move every type of vehicle, even stubborn ones.

Will I be held liable for the car and will you inform the DVLA?

We will notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority on time. You are not responsible for the vehicle once ownership has been transferred and the car collected. You will receive a receipt for the purchase.

Do I have to present proof that the car is MOT’d and taxed?

You can claim a tax refund after collection. We only need to see your log book.

When will you collect?

In most cases, vehicles are collected on the same day. We will collect at a time of your convenience.

Should I have a statutory off road notification after the vehicle has been transported?

No, you are not responsible for the vehicle and do not need a SORN.